Solihull is amongst the most popular suburbs in the West Midlands. If you are contemplating a move to, away from or within Solihull, our experienced conveyancing solicitors in Solihull are here to help with your next home move.



Solihull covers one of the seven electoral wards covered by the B26 postcode and is located 7 miles from Birmingham city centre to the southeast of the city. Widely considered as one of most affluent areas of the West Midlands, Solihull was named the best place in the UK outside of London to live in a 2013 study.

Like other Birmingham suburbs, such as Sutton Coldfield, Solihull was originally part of Warwickshire but it has more recently been incorporated into the area known today as the West Midlands. Despite its close proximity to Birmingham City Centre, Solihull escaped much of the effects of the Industrial Revolution and remained a market town until well into the 20th Century. Solihull was also lucky enough to escape the worst attacks of World War II on the city and so the area is known for its historical architecture, including timber framed Tudor style building and a grade I listed church dating back to a similar time. The area also benefits from a large number of parks and nature reserves, due to being located on the edge of the city.

So, if you are considering purchasing a home in the West Midlands or the surrounding area, our conveyancing solicitors in Solihull have the knowledge and expertise you need to make this move as smooth as it can be.


Express Conveyancing are nationwide panel managers. Over time, we have built excellent working relationships with some of the best conveyancing firms in the UK. At Express Conveyancing, your property transaction is at the very heart of what we do and making this move as smooth as possible matters to us. We will work alongside your conveyancing solicitor in Solihull and their team on your property transaction. We regularly communicate with agents and brokers ensuring that you get the support you require to navigate what can be a stressful time.

All of our experienced panel of solicitors and conveyancers have nationwide reach, so they can act for your transaction regardless of where they are based. Each firm we partner with is accredited by either the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) or the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), meaning your property transaction is in safe hands.


As an Express client, you will have a number of main points of contact working on your transaction. We have been operating our model and working together for a significant length of time, meaning we can work together to make your transaction as smooth as possible.


As an Express client, you will have a number of main points of contact working on your transaction. We have been operating our model and working together for a significant length of time, meaning we can work together to make your transaction as smooth as possible.

Express Case Manager

At the same time as being allocated a specific conveyancer, you will also be assigned an experience Case Manager from Express. Your case manager works alongside both you as the client and your conveyancer to provide support as and when required. They also act as a point of escalation should you need it. We strive to provide regular updates and be available should you need to clarify any part of the transaction.

Contact our team at Express Conveyancing to discuss how we can help you with your next home move.



We appreciate that buying, selling or remortgaging a home is an expensive time for clients. We work hard to ensure we are clear on fees from the outset and that clarity continues as you progress through to completion. All clients who approach Express Conveyancing will be provided with an itemised quotation showing all that you will need to pay for the legal side of your transaction. Once you instruct, the fees will remain the same providing your transaction also remains the same. If anything unusual occurs as part of conveyancing formalities, your conveyancing solicitor will discuss it with you at the first available opportunity and ensure you are happy to proceed if any additional fees are required.

It is worth remembering if you are buying or selling a leasehold property, then there are some management company or freeholder fees which cannot be accounted for and so it is worth contacting your management company to make sure you are clear on any fees, or if buying, you can ask your estate agent.

Please feel free to contact our specialist team to discuss any aspects of your transaction to check how this may affect an initial quote.


Given the expense associated with a home move, we understand that you wish to avoid unnecessary expense and therefore we offer a no move, no fee policy regardless of the reason why your transaction falls through. When instructing our conveyancing solicitors in Solihull, your transaction will be progressed as a no completion, no fee quotation minus a few initial disbursements. Initial disbursements include third party fees such as searches on a purchase, ID and AML checks and Land Registry documents.

Please note, this offer is limited to your first transaction with us, if a subsequent transaction also falls through then you may be charged legal fees reflective of the point in the transaction you withdrew.



I am buying with a mortgage, can your conveyancing solicitors in Solihull act for my lender?

The short answer is yes. At the same time as acting for you as the client, your mortgage lender will also require the conveyancer to act for their interest in the property. Mortgage lenders have criteria that they expect a conveyancing firm to meet before they will allow them to act in property transactions, they will be lending on. Some a stricter than others, but do not worry, here at Express Conveyancing, because we work with a panel of conveyancers, we can act for all but the very obscure lenders. Even if you are using an obscure lender, we will make enquiries to find how we join the panel of this lender also. If your lender change’s part way through the transaction, which can happen, then our panel structure means we can transfer you across to a firm that can act for your new lender if the current firm cannot.


I am relocating and so buying a home in Solihull but I live elsewhere, can your conveyancing solicitors in Solihull still act for me?

Yes we can. The majority of property information is held centrally, meaning a conveyancer can obtain copies of these documents from a central database electronically rather than having to rely on physically visiting an archive office or the postal system. In addition, our conveyancing solicitors in Solihull all have the facilities to work remotely. We offer electronic methods of identity verification and communication meaning in the vast majority of cases, you can interact with your conveyancer remotely without having to visit their office in person.

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