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Commercial Property is a blanket term used to define assets (property in this context) owned or used by a commercial or business enterprise. Ranging from large supermarkets to the nail parlour down the road, the aspect of transferring the title of a commercial property (buying or selling) or granting a lease to a new tenant all falls under Commercial Conveyancing.

Whether you are an owner, occupier, investor or developer, you need sound legal advice from a specialist Commercial Conveyancing Solicitor as someone who guide you through the process.

Express Conveyancing’s team of Specialist Commercial Conveyancing Solicitors come with a wealth of experience in handling both complex and sensitive transactions – clients ranging from small to medium enterprises to large global operations with a significant footfall in the UK.

Since it is not uncommon for commercial property transfers to involve other areas of law, instructing an Express Conveyancing Solicitor will automatically grant you access to all the full services, our partner firms provide. Express Conveyancing will appoint a Specialist Commercial Conveyancing Solicitor who will act as your single point of contact from instruction. They will work tirelessly on your behalf to make your commercial property transaction simple, fast and importantly – offer straight forward legal advice.


Why Appoint an Express Conveyancing Commercial Conveyancing Solicitor?

As we have heavily publicised throughout the literature across our website and print media; our primary focus is YOU. As a firm, Express Conveyancing and our associated Partner Law Firms offer innovative and practical solutions to problems businesses face.

Having represented both Landlords (selling their interest or granting new leases) and Tenants (both first time and seasoned), we will never compromise our client’s position.

Our specialist Commercial Conveyancing Solicitors will diligently expose potential pitfalls and negotiate the most favourable terms for our clients.

Should you like to find out how an Express Commercial Conveyancing Solicitor can help your business, please contact 0800 799 9892 or email us using the Contact Form

Common Types of Commercial Conveyancing Transactions –

Commercial Conveyancing is not just buying or selling commercial assets. Other commercial transactions include the sale or purchase of a business, granting new leases, assigning an existing lease to a new tenant, re-gearing etc. We have outlined the two common types of commercial conveyancing transactions below –

Sale and Purchase of Commercial Property

Given commercial properties offers long term security on investments with reliable, long term tenants, commercial property acquisitions have become popular in recent years with both investors (private and institutional) on shore and off. Express Conveyancing and our Panel of Commercial Conveyancing Solicitors are regularly instructed to represent clients from single assets to large portfolio acquisitions.

Unlike residential property conveyancing, Commercial Conveyancing has far more complex issues involving planning, use class, stamp duty, VAT and much more.

Our Commercial Conveyancing Solicitors will assess your individual circumstances and offer you the most practical and cost-effective route to guide you through the process.

Granting of a New Lease or Re-Gearing

If you are a Landlord and looking to rent out your commercial premise to a Tenant, then you will need a commercial lease. Though the concept of Commercial Leases is similar to those involving residential Buy to Let Properties, this area of law is far more complex and has greater repercussions to your business if not executed correctly.

You can read more on the topic of Commercial Leases here.

Overall, commercial conveyancing transactions can take longer. Our Express Commercial Conveyancing Solicitors will work with you and your business to provide the best possible outcome. Contact our team on 0800 799 9892 to find out more.

What an Express Commercial Conveyancing Solicitor will do for you and your business?

As discussed briefly above, we have been instructed by and continue to act for individual Landlords, those with larger portfolios and Tenants operating from multi-let retail parks and high street single units.

Our ‘A Client is for Life’ approach has enabled us to expand and gain further clients purely on referral from both past and present customers and is testament to our Solicitors expertise.

We have also more recently been instructed to represent large scale Residential Property Developers on their original acquisition of new build construction sites which further demonstrates our ability to advice clients from a range of businesses.

Our services include but not limited to –

  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Industrial Units
  • Commercial Trading Estates
  • Retail and Leisure Developments
  • Large Housing Estates and Subject to Planning Permission Deals.

Make an enquiry to request more information of how we can help your business today –

Express Conveyancing should be your first choice for commercial conveyancing. We have access to the right expertise which is complimented by our primary focus in delivering outstanding service levels.

We are proud of our commitment to speed, efficiency and quality of service while also offering excellent value for money.
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