Salford, within Greater Manchester, is steeped in the history of industrial Manchester. With its eclectic mix of houses and proximity to Manchester city centre, it is easy to understand why Salford is a popular place to live. With our Conveyancing Solicitors in Salford, we can help make your move as smooth as possible for you.

Why is Salford one of the top places to live in Manchester?

Salford is one of the ten boroughs that make up Greater Manchester. Named after the largest town within the borough, the towns of Salford, Swinton, Eccles, Pendlebury, Walkden and Irlam are all located within borough of Salford. Sitting in the middle of the list for Manchester population numbers according to a recent census, Salford is less densely populated than some of the neighbouring boroughs such as Bury, Bolton and Manchester City.

In the 1800’s Salford’s population rose dramatically as part of the Industrial Revolution when families relocated to the area to work in the textile industry, on the Manchester Ship Canal and at the Manchester Docks. Once overseas competition had a negative effect on the textile industry and the inability of the Dock and canal network to accommodate large international container ships, the area fell into a decline. In the 1970s and 1980’s Salford saw a change in fortune due to redevelopment, Salford was awarded city status in 1974 and the former Salford Dock section of Manchester Docks was renamed Salford Quays.

Today Salford is home to the popular University of Salford, shopping centres such as the Lowry Outlet and Quayside MediaCityUK offering both high street and designer fashion, several museums and art galleries and MediaCityUK where many broadcasters are now based, including the BBC.

Salford offers a wide range of property types from converted mill buildings, new builds and flats to more suburban neighbourhoods full of family homes with good schools and parks. Our conveyancing solicitors in Salford have a wealth of experiencing at handling all types of properties and so are on hand to help with your next home move.

Who is the right conveyancer for me?

Everyone accepts that buying a house is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. There will be an element of upheaval and it can take quite a bit of organising as there can be many people involved in the process. You will need to communicate with the buyer and/or seller, any estate agents, mortgage brokers and lenders, solicitors and conveyancers and also more practical elements such as removal firms, utility and service providers, local councils and possibly schools or work depending on your individual family needs. Choosing the right conveyancer at the start of the process can help make much of this smoother.

It is important that your conveyancer is experienced in the specifics of your transaction. Although the conveyancing process is broadly similar regardless of the type of house you are buying or selling, each type of property requires a specific skill set to handle. For example, new build homes differ from leaseholds and freeholds. The type of finance you are using to fund the purchase also requires specialist handling. You should therefore discuss the experience of your chosen conveyancer to make sure they have the necessary experience to handle your transaction and handle it well. You also need to feel comfortable from the outset with the team you are trusting with your next home move. Here at Express Conveyancing, we ensure we speak with all clients at the outset either via telephone or email, to make sure we fully understand what a client is instructing us to handle. Contact one of our team on 0800 7999892 or email to chat through your requirements.

What express conveyancing can offer you?

At Express Conveyancing, we have over 9 year’s experience of helping clients successfully move homes in Salford, the surrounding area within Manchester and the North West and across England and Wales. We are a nationwide panel manager working with a nationwide reach. We work in partnership with some of the finest law firms around the country and have developed long standing working relationships with all our partner conveyancers.

For each client instructing through Express Conveyancing, we offer the following:

Allocated Conveyancing Solicitor

On instruction, we will gather all the details we require from you and set up your file and allocate a conveyancing solicitor to you. We will confirm the name and full contact details for the conveyancer to you and you will be direct communication with your conveyancer from the outset.


All of our conveyancers and panel firms are regulated by either the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) or the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC). This gives you the peace of mind that your transaction will be handled by an appropriately qualified conveyancing solicitor. Across our panel, our conveyancers have a wide breadth of knowledge and experience of all manner of property transactions and associated complexities so are best placed to help you no matter what happens.

Contact Details – Conveyancing Solicitor

On instruction, you will be given the full name of the conveyancer allocated to your transaction and their contact details meaning you can get in touch with them whenever necessary. We also provide details of the Head of the Conveyancing Department as a point of escalation should you require it.

Contact Details – Express Case Manager

All clients instructing through Express Conveyancing are allocated a Case Manager. The main role of the Case Manager is to track the progression of your file and step in where required to make the transaction as smooth as possible. We are also here as a point of escalation if required.

Clear Fee Structure

For every client contacting Express Conveyancing, we provide a quote with a full breakdown of fees you will be charged. We are available to discuss the quote in detail to ensure everything is covered. The fee quoted is what you will be charged providing the mechanics of the transaction do not change. If this were to happen, we would always discuss things first to make sure you are happy before proceeding.

No Completion, No Fee

We operate a no completion, no fee policy for all the legal fees on our transactions minus a few initial disbursements.

Please note, to maintain fairness to our conveyancers, this offer is limited to your first transaction with us, if a subsequent transaction also falls through then you may be charged legal fees reflective of the point in the transaction you withdrew.

Mortgage lender panels

Across all of our firms, we are on the panel for the vast majority of mortgage and bridging lender panels so we can accommodate your transaction and act for you regardless of who your lender is, and even if it changes during the course of the transaction.

Online Service

The model at Express Conveyancing works on a predominantly online basis. Each client will be given access to a case tracker portal where you can track the progress of your case, request updates and contact your conveyancer and our team. We carry out as many processes as we can online and electronically making the process easier for you and means you can handle your transaction from the comfort of your own home.

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