If you are considering buying or selling a home in Prestwich or one of the other Boroughs that make up Greater Manchester, here at Express Conveyancing, our Conveyancing Solicitors in Prestwich can help make sure your next property transaction is effortless as possible.

What Prestwich has to offer you?

The town of Prestwich, although formerly in Lancashire, is not in the Metropolitan Borough of Bury. Bury is the central Northern most Borough and borders Rochdale, Bolton, Salford and Manchester City. The town is steeped in history with the central point being the Grade I listed Church of St Mary the Virgin. Prestwich Village is the oldest part of the town and there is also a large Jewish Community living in Prestwich today. Whilst historically a very rural town, the development of the railway and better transport links lead to a population increase in the earlier 1900’s.

Being only 3.3 miles outside of the City Centre and being well serviced by the Tram network, all make Prestwich an ideal commuter town for those looking to live outside of the main city centre. Prestwich is regularly voted as one of the more popular areas within Manchester to live with a family, thanks to the town’s mixture of well performing schools, affordable and varied housing stock, parks and green spaces. More recently the high street has seen the arrival of popular shops, bars and restaurants all increasing the towns popularity.

Why choose a conveyancing solicitor in Prestwich with express conveyancing?

Express Conveyancing have developed a nationwide panel involving some of the best conveyancing firms in England and Wales. We all work together with one main mission, to make your next property move as straightforward and pressure free as possible. All of our conveyancers have a wide scope of knowledge and expertise in all areas of conveyancing and property law, making them well experienced to handle your next property move.

How does conveyancing work with Express Conveyancing?

We work with a panel of solicitors and conveyancers across England and Wales. Each conveyancing firm is approved by either the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) or the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC). We have worked closely with all of our firms and built long standing working relationships with all of our firms to ensure we all work together to give the best possible experience for our clients.

Who are your main points of contact?

All our clients have a number of dedicated professionals working on your case. These include:


You will be provided with a named conveyancing solicitor who will be responsible for the legal work on your transaction. All clients are matched by specific transaction details and also case volume to ensure you are allocated the very best specialist team to progress your transaction smoothly and with expertise.

Conveyancing Assistants

Most of our conveyancers have numerous assistants and colleagues working with them to progress your file. Everyone has the knowledge and competence to guide you through the process.

Conveyancing Assistants

All clients instructing through Express Conveyancing are assigned a dedicated case manager. The case manager’s role is to be available to answer questions and offer support to you and the conveyancing team. We can communicate with estate agents, mortgage brokers and other professionals in the process to ensure they are updated as the transaction progresses. On instruction, Express Conveyancing also gives you access to an online case tracker portal where you can upload documents, track progress, see an overview of the main steps in the transaction and request updates.

Our no move, no fee policy

One of our most commonly asked questions when clients approach Express Conveyancing is how does our no completion, no fee policy work. With Express Conveyancing, your transaction will be handled on a no completion, no fee basis minus a few initial disbursements. These initial disbursements are third party fees such as ID checks, searches and Land Registry documents. This is the same regardless of the reason for the transaction falling through.

Other points to consider when purchasing a house

Property searches – what are they and do i really need them?

Property searches are essential when purchasing with a mortgage. They are also advisable with all purchases, even those when buying with cash. The costs of searches differ between properties as some require additional searches that others do not, an example which is a coal search in areas known to be affected by coal mining. Other searches can include flood risk, planning search, chancel insurance check and energy and infrastructure search with more obscure searches such as an aviation search in areas close to airports.

At Express Conveyancing, our quotes include a Search Bundle which comprises of the three main searches required in the majority of property transactions – the Local Authority, drainage and water plus environmental searches.

It is always advisable to speak to your conveyancer or one of our specialist team to discuss the types of searches required for your property and geographic location.

Can express conveyancing work with my chosen mortgage lender and what if the lender changes throughout the transaction?

For those purchasing a house with a mortgage, your conveyancer will act for you as the purchaser but also for your mortgage lender at the same time. It is, therefore, essential that your conveyancing solicitor is accepted by your mortgage lender and is listed on their recognised panel. By operating a panel system, we cover all of the main of mortgage lenders and so we make sure we allocate a conveyancer based on your mortgage lender at the start of the transaction.

As the transaction progresses, mortgage offers and applications can change. Your mortgage broker/advisor might find you a better deal with a different lender, or there may be issues with your chosen lender’s valuation of the property. Due to our panel system, we can accommodate changes in lender if this were to happen.

When selling a property with a mortgage registered against it, your conveyancing solicitor will complete the legal formalities required by the mortgage lender and your buyer to ensure the mortgage is redeemed properly and that the lender’s charge is discharged on completion.

To discuss your transaction in more detail, contact our team of specialist Conveyancing Solicitors in Prestwich or talk to one of our dedicated case managers about how we may help you with your specific transaction. Please call us on 0800 799 9892 to chat to us or email

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