Why Choose Express Conveyancing for Conveyancing Solicitors in Cambridge?

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Why Choose Express Conveyancing for Conveyancing Solicitors in Cambridge?

As a homeowner in Cambridge or a prospective purchaser, one of the most important legal processes you will go through is conveyancing. Conveyancing solicitors handle the legal transfer of property from a seller to a buyer. Choosing the right conveyancing solicitors in Cambridge is a big decision that can significantly impact your home buying or selling experience. Express Conveyancing offers an award-winning nationwide panel of conveyancing solicitors, including top-rated solicitors in Cambridge. All of our property experts understand the Cambridge property market inside and out. By choosing Express Conveyancing, you get the benefit of their expertise and experience to ensure your conveyancing transaction proceeds as smoothly and stress-free as possible. Read on to discover the top reasons why you should choose Express Conveyancing for conveyancing solicitors in Cambridge.

What makes our conveyancing solicitors in Cambridge different?

There is always a disproportionately short supply conveyancing solicitors to the number of property transactions. In this small pool of conveyancers, finding good ones who really understand what a client (not necessarily their technical knowledge) really wants, is even rarer.

So, how does the average client differentiate who is the best conveyancer they should be instructing? Is it simply a decision made by working out who the cheapest conveyancer is or reading a few reviews?

We do not believe that the answer is as straightforward as that. Having helped thousands of home movers for over ten years, we think, there are more factors to consider –

Experienced Conveyancing Solicitors

We are truly property experts. All of our time is spent helping clients just like you, move home. What this means is that all of the conveyancing solicitors on our panel are also specialist conveyancers.

So, what this means to you is that we will not working with any conveyancing solicitor who we haven’t thoroughly vetted before they represent any client instructed through Express Conveyancing. We take away the need for you to spend hours researching and to the most part, hoping your chosen property lawyer is going to act in your best interest.

Speed and Convenience

What good is a great conveyancer if they are unable to handle your property transaction at speed? Express Conveyancing aims to complete the average residential conveyancing within 6 to 8 weeks. Our streamlined processes and advanced case management system enable faster turnaround of key milestones to reach the exchange and completion stages.

We also know that you are busy and will not always be able to attend your appointed conveyancing solicitor’s office in person. That is why, we have developed a service which you can complete remotely and online, at your own pace, in your own time. How quickly or slowly your property transaction moves, will be a choice you will make.

Online Case Tracking

By extension of the above, we provide each client a secure login to their online case management system. You can check on the progress of your conveyancing 24/7, view key documents, and exchange messages directly with your conveyancing solicitor if required. Stay informed at every stage of your property transaction.

Fixed Fees

So, you have found a great conveyancing solicitor in Cambridge who will deal with your property transaction with expert care and at speed. But, how much will it cost? We know, fees aren’t the primary consideration for clients when it comes to sound legal advice, but receiving all of the above at an affordable price will be a bonus. Express Conveyancing charges fixed fees for residential conveyancing so you know exactly what to budget for at the outset. No hidden charges or surprise bills along the way.

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How We Carefully Select the Best Conveyancing Solicitors in Cambridge

Express Conveyancing works with only the highest quality conveyancing solicitors in Cambridge and nationally. We have developed close partnerships with firms that share our values of excellent client service, efficiency, and competitive pricing.

At Express Conveyancing, we follow a rigorous screening process to find conveyancing solicitors in Cambridge who will provide you with an exceptional experience. We evaluate firms on:

  • Reputation and History: We consider the firm’s years of experience in the industry, client reviews, ratings, and reputation. Well-established solicitors with a proven track record of success and satisfaction are given priority.
  • Complaints and Disciplinary Actions: We check if the firm has had any complaints filed against them with the Solicitors Regulation Authority or Legal Ombudsman. Firms with a clean complaint history and no disciplinary actions are viewed more favourably.
  • Client Satisfaction and Reviews: We analyse online reviews from unbiased review sites to gauge client satisfaction. Firms with an overall very good to excellent rating and a high percentage of satisfied clients make it onto our shortlist.
  • Qualifications and experience. We look for solicitors with years of experience specifically handling residential conveyancing in Cambridge and the surrounding area. They must be properly accredited and in good standing with regulatory bodies.
  • Customer service orientation. The solicitors we work with share our commitment to friendly, responsive service. They understand that buying or selling a home can be stressful, and they aim to guide clients through the process as smoothly as possible.
  • Use of technology. The best conveyancing solicitors in Cambridge use technology to improve the speed and convenience of the conveyancing process. They are then all trained and encouraged to use our client portal.
  • Competitive, transparent pricing. We only partner with firms that charge fair, reasonable fees and are willing to provide quotes upfront so there are no surprises for clients later on. The best part, you will not be paying any extra for instructing through Express Conveyancing.

By thoroughly vetting conveyancing solicitors in Cambridge and only accepting those that meet our strict standards, Express Conveyancing will place you with legal professionals you can trust to handle your conveyancing quickly, affordably, and with the highest level of service. Let us find you a solicitor and get your conveyancing underway.

Express Conveyancing’s Competitive, Fixed-Fee Conveyancing Quotes

When selling or purchasing property, conveyancing fees are an important consideration. Express Conveyancing provides competitive fixed fee conveyancing quotes to ensure you know exactly what to budget for legal fees from the outset.

Our conveyancing solicitors in Cambridge offer tailored fixed fee conveyancing quotes based on the specifics of your transaction. These fixed fees provide cost certainty and transparency so you can avoid unexpected additional charges during the conveyancing process.

In addition to competitive fixed fees, Express Conveyancing also offers a no completion, no fee guarantee. This means if your transaction falls through due to no fault of your own, you will not be charged any legal fees. The no completion, no fee guarantee provides peace of mind that you will not incur costly fees should your sale or purchase not reach completion.

Obtaining multiple conveyancing quotes from different solicitors is time consuming and often confusing given the variance in fee structures and services offered. Express Conveyancing simplifies the process by providing instant online conveyancing quotes tailored to the specifics of your transaction. Their transparent fee structure and no completion, no fee guarantee provide cost and service assurances not offered by many traditional high street solicitors.

For residential conveyancing in Cambridge and throughout England and Wales, Express Conveyancing’s competitive fixed fee quotes and no completion, no fee guarantee provide an attractive value proposition.

At the end of the day, choosing Express Conveyancing for your conveyancing needs in Cambridge simply makes good sense. Our expert solicitors will guide you through the entire process, handling all the legal paperwork and ensuring no detail is missed. With competitive, transparent pricing and a dedication to prompt communication and personal service, Express Conveyancing aims to take the stress out of buying or selling property. For a seamless conveyancing experience with solicitors you can trust, choose Express Conveyancing.




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