Condition Reports

Home Condition reports are beneficial if you are looking to sell or purchase a conventional property such as a house, flat or bungalow. The property should be in a reasonable condition and constructed from common building materials.

This is a first level report that is more or less a ‘health check’ and provides information that the buyer and seller and the lender use as part of the process. A condition report is relatively easy to comprehend as it uses a ‘Traffic Light’ coding system to rate various elements (or the condition) of the property.

Some of the details you will get in your report include:

  • Details about the structure and condition of the property
  • Information about the energy-efficiency of the house
  • A condition rating that is focused on the main part of the building

Unlike other surveys, Home Condition Reports are used by both sellers and buyers. Some benefits

How Home Condition Reports Benefits Sellers

  • Helps you prepare a proper marketing and promotional strategy
  • Helps you determine a reasonable asking price that is likely to be accepted
  • You get a chance to fix any defects or problems in the property
  • Gives you a chance to get many cheap quotations for anything needing fixing
  • Helps you to gain confidence with your buyer & gives peace of mind
  • It avoids any delays and leads to a smoother transaction

How Home Condition Reports Benefits Buyers

  • Helps you to make a more informed purchase decision
  • Lenders are more willing to fund your purchase
  • Helps you avoid any expensive repair costs after possession
  • Gives you peace of mind that a professional surveyor has surveyed the property

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If you are in need of more detailed and extensive information than is provided in a Condition Report, then the Homebuyer Survey is what you need. This report is ideal if you have a bungalow, flat, house or other conventional property and it includes everything provided in the Condition Report plus the following:

  • A list of defects or problems that may affect the property’s value
  • The surveyor’s professional opinion on the market valuation
  • Advice on repairs which should be undertaken and ongoing maintenance
  • An insurance reinstatement figure
  • Issues that need to be investigated to prevent serious future damage
  • Any legal issues that need to be resolved before conveyancing
  • Information such as location, energy efficiency, local environment and more

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The Homebuyer Report is a more in-depth report and will cost more than other standard reports but it will give more information as stated above. Contact us today for a quote and to find out more about our service.

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