Fixed Fee Conveyancing Solicitor Quote Brighton Hove


Fixed Fee Conveyancing Solicitor Quote Brighton Hove

Fixed Fee Conveyancing Solicitor Quote Brighton Hove Express ConveyancingThe property market has been particularly good one for the Brighton Hove area. This comes from a latest report released by the Land Registry which shows a record number of homes netting over the £1 million mark have changed hands in Brighton and Hove. Express Conveyancing has now extended its Fixed Fee Conveyancing Solicitor quote services to the Brighton and Hove area.

A rough analysis of the data, carried out by a local newspaper has revealed that 35 properties worth over a million pounds have changed hands within the first 11 months of last year. This is the same as that for the entire year of 2012. Furthermore, a total of 465 homes have been bought and sold during the month of November alone, bringing the total value of transactions to over the £145 million mark.

This latest figure comes following the average property price of the Brighton and Hove area approaching the £300,00.0 mark in July last year.

Its not only the cash buyers who have helped the number of property transactions high for Brighton and Hove. Figures released by the Nationwide Building Society indicates that property prices in Brighton and Hove are rising faster than anywhere in the country outside London and Manchester. The average house price of a home in Brighton rose at an annualised rate of approximately 12% during the final quarter of 2013.

Fixed Fee Conveyancing Solicitor Quote Brighton Hove

Express Conveyancing has extended its Fixed fee conveyancing solicitor quote Brighton Hove to cater to the demand in property transactions. Our time spent conveyancing solicitors, with years of experience, have an inside knowledge into the possible conveyancing pitfalls to look out for in the area. We offer extremely cheap, fast and competitive conveyancing services which are some of England’s best. Contact us today to obtain your fixed fee, no move, no fee conveyancing quote to take your property transaction to a flying start.

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