Fast Conveyancing Solicitor Bath Express Conveyancing

Fast Conveyancing Solicitor Bath Express Conveyancing

Fast Conveyancing Solicitor Bath Express Conveyancing Express ConveyancingBath city is located in the historical county of Somerset, in the South West of England and has been fortuitous enough to benefit from the residential price surge that London is so well-known for. This is hardly surprising as Bath has super fast train links into London, Victoria and is a mere 97 miles (156 km) by road to west London or only 13 miles (21 km) away from Bristol. With so many affluent property buyers wanting to re-locate from London to a more rural setting, we at Express Conveyancing offer fast conveyancing services in Bath with some highly competitive fixed fee conveyancing solicitor packages that will ensure a smooth transition for that big property move.

As a commuter zone Bath city itself, and in areas like Ston Easton and Chewton Mendip, house prices have escalated by as much as 70-72 percent in the last decade. In the area of southern Bath, an average three to four bedroom house with a garden usually sells for around £630,00 to £650,00 – figures indicating an escalation of 62 percent since 2009. This further goes to prove the fact that it is vital to have a fast conveyancing Solicitor in Bath, to avoid the chance of you being gazumped.

In western Somerset in the area of Brendon Hills, considered to be one of the priciest property areas, the average price of property was closer to £850,000 and rising. This shows a massive jump of 56 percent since 2009 and, a staggering 221 percent since 2004.

In a report compiled by analysts Property Database and estate agents Savills, 43 areas of the UK, largely in the south east England, an average house could cost you seven figures.

Lucian Cook, the author of the report, said: “There are now very real magnets of wealth beyond the capital. A lot of areas have yet to feel the London ripple effect, so we expect to see them performing very strongly in the year ahead.

“We are already seeing this in the inner commuter ring.”

Fast Conveyancing Solicitor in Bath Packages

Keeping the overall costs of buying any property is important, especially as at times there are many details and facts to be checked, before the sale goes through. If you are purchasing a big property then there will many things that need to be checked in meticulous detail.

At Express Conveyancing Solicitor in Bath, with the fixed fee conveyancing packages, ask for a quote and, you will have peace of mind that all conveyancing matters will be dealt in a professional, fast and thorough manner once the conveyancing fees have been agreed between ourselves and you the client.

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