Conveyancing Solicitors in Southampton – Fixed Fee Conveyancing Quote

Conveyancing in Southampton - Conveyancing Solicitor Quote

Conveyancing Solicitors in Southampton – Fixed Fee Conveyancing Quote

If you’re buying or selling a property in Southampton , you’ll need a reliable conveyancing solicitor to help you navigate the legal process. Our team of expert conveyancing solicitors in Southampton are here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is a term that is often used in the context of buying or selling property. In simple terms, conveyancing refers to the legal process of transferring ownership of a property from one person or entity to another. This process involves a range of tasks and procedures that must be completed before the transfer of ownership can take place.

Conveyancing is a complex area of law, and it requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise to navigate successfully. There are many different factors that can impact the conveyancing process, including the type of property being bought or sold, the location of the property, and the specific legal requirements of the jurisdiction in which the transaction is taking place.

Generally speaking, a conveyancing transaction broadly involves a number of standard steps. These are contract stage, pre-exchange stage, completion and lastly the registration stage.

A conveyancing solicitor is someone who specialises in property law and ultimately, will be responsible for taking a property seller or buyer through the above stages until a transaction completes successfully and the property is transferred.

Why do you need a conveyancing solicitor?

A conveyancing solicitor is essential when buying or selling a property as they can provide legal advice and guidance throughout the process. It is difficult to list all the reasons as to why you require a conveyancing solicitor in Southampton, however we have listed a few points that we believe are the most important factors:

  • Legal expertise: Conveyancing and property law are incredibly complex areas of law, and it involves a range of legal tasks and procedures that must be completed correctly in order for the transaction to be successful. A good conveyancing solicitor has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process, ensuring that all legal requirements are met and that your interests and that of any financial lender are protected at every stage.
  • Contract review: When buying or selling property, there are a number of legal documents that need to be drafted, reviewed and understood. A conveyancing solicitor will ensure you understand the terms of the contract and make sure that everything is in order before you are asked to sign on the dotted line.
  • Title Checking: Each property comes with a series of title deeds, which vary depending on the type and age of property. These title deeds contain covenants, obligations, responsibilities, rights of way and easements etc. Some are more restrictive than others and so when becoming a property owner, you should fully understand all of these so that you are making an informed decision about a property and what it may mean for you living there. If you are purchasing an investment property, it is important you understand any obligations that would fall to any tenants who live in the property to ensure you properly communicate these before agreeing to let the property. Conveyancing solicitors have the knowledge, expertise and experience to understand these complex and often historic documents.
  • Property searches: Before buying a property, it’s important to carry out a range of property searches to uncover any potential issues or liabilities. Interpreting these search results, in addition to the information contained within the title deeds of a property require specialist knowledge and a conveyancing solicitor will be able to handle them on your behalf.
  • Negotiations: Buying or selling property often involves negotiations between the parties involved. These negotiations do not end at the point of simply having your offer to purchase a property accepted. For instance, you may decide to carry out a survey which could mean that you may no longer wish to purchase the property at the original offer price. Your conveyancing solicitor will typically assist you with these negotiations.
  • Peace of mind: Ultimately, hiring a conveyancing solicitor can provide you with peace of mind throughout the property transaction. You can rest assured that all legal requirements are being met, and that you have an experienced legal professional on your side to guide you through any potential issues or challenges. Although in some cases, people attempt to carry out their own conveyancing, however this is a rarity and often the other party who is in fact represented by a solicitor may refuse to act in such a property transaction.

What services do our conveyancing solicitors in Southampton offer?

Our team of conveyancing solicitors in Southampton offers a range of services to help you with your property transaction. We specialise in the following types of transactions and regularly represent property buyers and sellers in Southampton on –

  • Residential Property Sales and Purchases
  • Auction Property Conveyancing
  • New Build Property Purchases
  • Shared Ownership Property
  • Remortgages and Transfer of Equity
  • Commercial Property transactions
  • Deed of Gift

Since our clients include First Time Buyers to Corporate Buyers and everyone in between, it is difficult to list all of the types of transaction we can advise on. Why not obtain an instant conveyancing quote via our website or speak to our friendly conveyancing solicitors in Southampton team to find out how we may assist you?

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No Completion, No Fee? No Problem

In addition to the wealth of experience offered by our conveyancing solicitors in Southampton offer, one of the biggest advantages of instructing a conveyancer through Express Conveyancing is the fact that you will automatically receive the benefit of our No Completion, No Fee promise.

What this means is that, if for whatever reason, your conveyancing transaction were to abort for any reason (regardless of whose fault it is), you will not be required to pay any legal fees. We appreciate that house buying or selling is an expensive affair and you can be confident in knowing at least your legal fees will not be something you will have to worry about if your property transaction falls through.

Speak to our team to find out the full details and extent of cover under our No Completion, No Fee promise, today.


Fantastic! If you are happy with our conveyancing quote, you can either instruct us instantly or discuss the quote and instruct us over the telephone on 0800 799 9892.

We will then appoint you, your conveyancer and supply these to you so you may then inform your estate agent or mortgage advisor where applicable.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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