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A Few Things to Think About When It Comes to Conveyancing

If you are looking for friendly, professional, and knowledgeable conveyancing solicitors in Torquay, then Express Conveyancing is here for you. Our conveyancing solicitors in Torquay regularly act for customers in the local area, across the South West and nationwide, meaning no matter where your property is, we can help.

Why Choose Express Conveyancing?

When it comes to finding a fast and reliable service, we have the edge. Our Conveyancing Solicitors in Torquay are professional and well qualified so you can be confident that they will provide you with the right advice every time. We are proud of our ability to complete your transaction as quickly as possible and will ensure that all legal requirements are met and complied with so that you can enjoy a hassle-free process, no matter what property requirements you have.

How Long Does It Take to Complete?

Most prospective clients are keen to find out how long we take to complete our work for you. Typically we have all the work done within four weeks of being instructed and have achieved this with 98% of our current clients. If you have a more complex transaction, then we will provide you with a bespoke timeframe when we have all the required details so that you can plan how to proceed.

Dealing With Complex Cases

Many people are led to believe that complex cases cost significant amounts of money and take a long time to complete; this is not necessarily true. At Express Conveyancing, we have a large team of property law experts, all with individual interests and skills that give us a diverse skill set for you to use. We assess every case that comes to us and ensure that the right person deals with it from day one. This means that no matter how complex your case is, we have a conveyancing expert ready to handle it swiftly.

How We Can Help You Avoid Being Gazumped

If you have found a property you want to buy and had an offer accepted, then you may be worried about the sale falling through due to another interested party offering more. In legal terms, there is no requirement for a seller to stick to an accepted offer until the contracts have been exchanged, meaning that you run the risk of losing out if your conveyancing is taking more time than you had anticipated.

In our experience, the quicker the conveyancing, the less chance there is of being gazumped because the seller will be looking forward to their move rather than waiting around to hear from you. As we offer a quick service, you are more likely to end up in your dream property without any issues; let us help you to get the property of your dreams!

How Much Will You Need to Pay?

Knowing how much you will be charged for a service is essential when it comes to budgeting and planning for the future. We take this aspect of our service very seriously and have developed a comprehensive, online quotation system that you can fill out to get an accurate and transparent quote in a few simple steps. Not only do we provide this system to give you the information you need, but we also promise that we will not hide any fees. Once you have your quote, you can then decide whether to proceed or not, leaving you in the driving seat at all times.

Our Range of Services

If you like the sound of our services, then you are probably keen to find out whether we can do what you need. Our current range of services includes:

  • Conveyancing for private clients
  • Conveyancing for commercial clients
  • Lease extension and negotiation services
  • Equity transfer services
  • Property auction support – pre- and post-auction
  • And more

If your conveyancing need isn’t listed above, then do not worry, just get in touch to discuss your needs with one of our team.

Tracking the Progress Of Your Case

Not only do we provide a competitive and swift service, but we pride ourselves on our openness and integrity. We have an online client base that you can access whenever suits you so that you can get an accurate picture of where we are with your account.

Your key contact will update the system as work is completed and you will be able to see what is left to be done so that you can ensure your planning meets the timescales we are working towards. You can also use this system to provide us with uploaded documentation to support the work we are doing so that your transaction moves forwards without delay.

What Our Clients Think

Since we began in 2013, we have enjoyed lots of positive feedback from our clients. We find that people like the fact that we work quickly and efficiently, as well as offering an easy to understand service that provides them with regular updates on their progress. However, the majority ofour clients are especially impressed with our commitment to quality service and the willingness we have to go above and beyond when issues arise. We are incredibly grateful for the support our clients give us and enjoy helping people to meet their property needs.

Our Commitment to You

When you choose to work with Express Conveyancing you are not just getting access to a service, you are getting access to a team that wants the best for you and will stop at nothing to complete your account within the timescale you need. Every client is valued, and we will do everything we can to ensure that you enjoy stress-free conveyancing no matter what your property requirements are. Call us today to get started.

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