Conveyancing Solicitors Gloucester

Conveyancing Solicitors Gloucester

Conveyancing Solicitors Gloucester Express ConveyancingThe new year certainly looks like its good news for the Gloucester Property Market according to both local and County estate agents. We at Express Conveyancing are all ready and geared up to cater to all our new customers, with our fixed fee conveyancing solicitor quote Gloucester. According to latest statistics, the number of property transactions seen so far, tops those for the past 7 years. Our Conveyancing Solicitors  Gloucester has years of experience, providing sound conveyancing advice for property buyers and sellers, from first-time buyers to seasoned property investors.

The main reasons for the surge appear to be down to the rising confidence in the property market and the relative ease at which one could now obtain a mortgage. Some estate agents actually have reported that they have managed to arrange sales within the first week in the double digits, most of the properties which have been in the market since Summer of 2013.

To further help the above two factors mentioned above, it also appears to be that the Government’s new help to buy scheme is really taking off this January, where, unlike last year, successful applicants now purchase any house as opposed to the new build restriction.

Further more, the local initiative from Homebuyer Local named the ‘New Year New Home’ aims to encourage those looking to move to put their property on the market now, in the face of rising buyer confidence.

This has been mainly to reflect the continued momentum in Gloucestershire’s property market, with the rising house prices and buyer and seller confidence. The campaign will provide specific tips and advice why people should consider moving house now. As some see the house prices going up a blessing, the reason has been mainly due to the fact that the demand has outstripped supply to such a marked degree that prices are rising rapidly. Even though it is often the Estate Agents who get the blame for pushing up prices, it is actually the buyers who set the pace.

Fixed Fee Conveyancing Solicitor Quote Gloucester

It is really important to keep in mind that putting in an offer or if you are selling, accepting the offer is only the beginning of the transaction. This acceptance of an offer does not mean that contracts are legally binding. This means that either the buyer or the seller, can at any time, walk away from the deal without any financial penalties. Express Conveyancing offers Fixed Fee Conveyancing when it comes to Conveyancing Solicitors in Gloucester from a highly experienced local Solicitor who understands what precisely is required to complete your Conveyancing transaction to the highest standard, at the shortest space of time.

Contact us today with confidence for a free conveyancing quote or telephone 0203 375 2187 to discuss Conveyancing Solicitors Gloucester with a member of our friendly team.

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