Conveyancing Services in England and Wales

Conveyancing Services in England and Wales

Conveyancing Services in England and Wales


What is a conveyancing transaction is one of the most common questions First Time Buyers ask. You can read more on the technical points under our page for conveyancing. If you are buying or selling a property In England and Wales and now require Conveyancing Services, you have come to the right place.

With Express Conveyancing services, all the quotes we supply come with a no completion, no fee guarantee. Being specialist Conveyancing Services Panel Managers, our Solicitors and Property Lawyers deal with all aspects of property transfer formalities.

Whether you are a First Time Buyer looking to purchase a Shared Ownership Property or a seasoned Property Investor, our specialist Conveyancing Property Solicitors will walk you through the labyrinth of pitfalls which often catch the unwary property buyer off guard.

Our conveyancing services are designed with a few key brand promises you will not find with other conveyancing service providers; namely –

  1. Speed of Completion
  2. End-to-end transparency on fees
  3. Ease of communication by use of the latest technology
  4. Comfort and cost saving measures of having to return documents by post and expensive ‘appointments’ required by High Street Firms


How can we offer nationwide Conveyancing, being located in just three cities?

Since the inception of Land Registry’s e-services, Title information which was once held in paper form (and often, with your Mortgage Lender or Conveyancing Solicitor) have now been made available in the public domain, electronically.

What this in effect means is that you are no longer required to depend solely on your ‘Family Solicitor’ in the conventional sense but are able to look and shop around for Property Law specialists on a wider spectrum.

Remember, Property Law is a broad topic and though a Solicitor can, in theory, act on any transaction, it is always advisable you appoint a specialist Conveyancing Solicitor for your transaction.

Express Conveyancing’s panel of Solicitors include –

  • Residential Property Law Specialists
  • Commercial Conveyancing Solicitors
  • Re-mortgage and Transfer of Equity Specialists
  • Commercial Lease Solicitors
  • New Build Property Conveyancers
  • Shared Ownership Property Specialists (both for buying and selling)
  • Auction Property Specialists – both sale and purchase

Most of our panel firms are home to various Legal 500 Solicitors, specialising in other niche areas of law too.

If your required service is not listed above, please contact our New Business Team on 0800 799 9892 to discuss your requirements.

Do you offer any other associated conveyancing services?

Yes, as of January 2018, we offer both Mortgage Advice and Bridging Loan Specialist advice using our partner Mortgage Brokerage firms.

You can read more about our Bridging Loans on our details article on –

Bridging Loans and Bridging Finance

How fixed are your Fixed Fees?

Having the reputation we have in the industry, Express Conveyancing has negotiated cost-effective, Fixed Fees on your behalf with most leading, conveyancing providers in the market.

The fees are guaranteed not to increase as long as the details you have supplied on obtaining a conveyancing quote are correct or unless your circumstances change drastically during the course of a transaction (which is quite rare) however we will always notify you prior to this happening.

Should you then decide not to proceed in progressing your conveyancing transaction, you will not be charged any legal fees up until that point incurred by the Law firm.

Are Express Conveyancing services offered on a no-completion, no-fee basis?

Correct, all our convincing fees are due on completion save for disbursements (such as Search Fees and money for Land Registry documents at the start of your transaction).

Contact our New Business Team today on 0800 799 9892 to find out what other conveyancing services Express Conveyancing offers or for free conveyancing advice.


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