Conveyancing Solicitors in Manchester and Fee Quotes – Old

Conveyancing Solicitors in Manchester and Fee Quotes – Old

Conveyancing Solicitors in Manchester

Express Conveyancing’s Manchester based team of Conveyancing Solicitors and Property Lawyers take pride in servicing hundreds of home movers, each month, with one of their greatest asset purchasers.

Our Conveyancing Solicitors in Manchester deliver nationwide coverage with speed and act on all manner of transactions ranging from customers buying their first home to larger Institutes such as Trusts an Pension Funds with Millions of Pounds under management.

What ever the purpose of your property purchase, our team are on standby to help you achieve your goals.

With over a hundred quality solicitors working in conjunction with Express Conveyancing, we offer unparalleled resources to service and handle every aspect of residential, commercial or business transactions from retail, social housing, new build conveyancing and many more.

Offering sound, practical advice drawing from our years of experience – our property lawyers will deliver an efficient and transparent service at affordable fees.

Property Transactions are some of the most complicated legal matters there are, however, do not worry. At Express Conveyancing, we specialise in Property! Our Property Solicitors and Team are here to help no matter how complicated your transaction is. Contact our team on 0800 799 9892 or complete our online Contact Form.

Fast Conveyancers in Manchester

Express Conveyancing offers some of the fastest turn arounds in conveyancing transactions. Having completed over four thousand transactions in 2017, we have fine tuned our operational procedure to offer a streamlined, completely online* process with the use of technology and specialist lawyers.

While your Property Lawyer deals with the technical aspects of the transaction, our team at Express Conveyancing will progress your transaction by co-ordinating with your sellers (or buyers) solicitors, estate agents, builders or mortgage brokers. Our smart Case Management System also allows all the above parties to work alongside each other in sync to reach a common objective – completing your transaction as soon as possible.

Express Conveyancing’s No Completion, No Fee Guarantee

We recognise that moving home can be a stressful and costly exercise. We therefore offer all our customers the Peace of Mind in case for any reason your hpouse purchase or sale in Manchester were to abort pre-maturely, you will not be charged any legal fees.

Please however remember that we will be unable to request a refund on Disbursements (third party costs such as such fees).

Our Search Pledge promise however means that though we will be unable to obtain a refund on the Searches, the Search Pack is sufficiently insured to supply you a free set of searches on a subsequent property purchase with us at a later date (T&C apply)

Average transaction time – 4 weeks

Our Conveyancing Solicitors in Manchester complete transactions on average in 28 days.

Fixed Fee Guarantee in Conveyancing in Manchester

From experience and what our clients have had to say, property lawyers in Manchester appear to be quoting very low legal fees, however, often these have been dressed up with additional administration costs which are not brought to light till completion.

With Express Conveyancing, you can rest assured that the fees quoted to you at the time of obtaining a quote from us is what you will be paying.

Though you will note our Fees might appear more expensive than our competitors when you first obtain a quote, we have no hidden fees. Of course, we will always advice you at the first instance if we feel that some fees are not necessary.

You will also note that we have no negative feedback from a single client, having been in operation since 2013 over fees.

New in Manchester? We have put together some frequently asked questions from our clients, when they are looking for Conveyancing Solicitors in Manchester.

What is the Population Density of Manchester?

As per the 2011 census Manchester has a residential population 1,167,402 people spread over an area of 38,799 hectares (95,874 acres) meaning a residential population density 30.1 people per hectare (12.2 per acre).

I need the cheapest conveyancing solicitors to do my transaction. How do I get a quote?

Numerous firms in Manchester portray that they offer cheap conveyancing quotes and conveyancing fees. However additional costs are often hidden or dressed up within their terms and conditions. The quote should list third party costs, termed disbursements, to be paid. We pride ourselves in conducting honest business and the most transparent fees in the industry.

We will never entice with you a £150 + VAT as most our competitors do and charge in excess of £000’s of pounds on completion – when it is too late for you to withdraw (remember, by this time, you could have entered into a contract with your Conveyancing Solicitors by way of a Terms and Conditions agreement).

Do bear in mind, especially if you are purchasing a Leasehold or Shared Ownership Property any costs such as Notice fees which are only revealed at the point of title checking and therefore will not be included in your original fee illustration. These once again are Disbursements – third party costs applicable to the transaction, irrespective of which firm of conveyancers you use.

When should we be arranging removals?

If you are buying a house in Manchester, unfortunately, even though your offer has been accepted, contracts are not legally binding until contracts have exchanged. Therefore, removals should not be arranged until you have done as so. Though your Conveyancer will work towards a target completion date, until contracts have exchanged, no assurances of a fixed completion date can be given.

How much does it cost to carry out the property searches?

The cost of searches varies as certain properties require additional searches than others.

A classic example of this is a coal search. The cost of the searches will be clearly defined to you by your Conveyancing Solicitor.

At Express Conveyancing, we have negotiated long and hard with various provider to come up with a Search Bundle which included the three most common searches you require. This bundle is illustrated on your Conveyancing Quote as the search pack.

Depending on where you are purchasing, sometimes, other obscure searches are required to safeguard your interest and as part of obligation to your lender. We will make you aware of such additional fees as soon as these become available.

I am ready now to instruct Express Conveyancing Solicitors to carry out my conveyancing. What should I do next?

Fantastic! Please telephone 0800 799 9892 or contact us using our online form with the details of your property transaction. Our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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