Commercial Solicitors in Manchester 

Commercial Solicitors in Manchester 

Express Conveyancing’s panel of expert Commercial Property Solicitors in Manchester specialise in advising on both Commercial Property and business transactions. With a broad spectrum of expertise, all our Panel Commercial Solicitors in Manchester are well versed in dealing with complicated cases, at speed.

Dealing with and on both sides of the fence i.e. acting for Landlords and Tenants, our Commercial Solicitors in Manchester will negotiate terms on your behalf. Some of the key points to look out for when negotiating a Commercial Lease can be found on our dedicated page for Commercial Leases.

Why choose Express Conveyancing for Commercial Solicitors in Manchester?

Since Commercial transactions haven’t quite evolved the way Residential Property transactions have over the past 30 years or so (mainly due to Commercial Lease Agreements being an unregulated arm of Property Law), finding a Commercial Solicitor, who is both an expert in Property Law and also commercially aware has always been challenging. We have therefore cherry picked the crème de le crème of Commercial Solicitors in Manchester and beyond specifically for a range of Commercial Conveyancing related transactions at a fixed fee.

Is it really possible to offer Fixed Fees when it comes to Commercial Conveyancing?

The reason why many specialist law firms (the companies you want) have never really offered a fixed fee model for Commercial Conveyancing matters has been due to the reason outlined earlier – Commercial Leases (most commercial matters almost always involve a Commercial Lease), being unregulated makes it almost impossible for any Commercial  Solicitor to gauge how much work will be required prior to concluding matters.

With Express Conveyancing’s long standing, and established relationships with these firms, we have managed to negotiate and agree on fixed and guaranteed fees on most common Commercial transactions.

Though a majority of our clients find us online, it is also worth noting that over 40% of our monthly business is by way of referrals from previous customers who have used our services. This is not just down to the exceptional levels of customer support both ourselves as Panel Managers and our expert Commercial Solicitors in Manchester and beyond provide, but also our integrity and transparency on fees.

It is highly likely you are a new client of ours reading this article and therefore no doubt would be shopping around for the best offer you can get – however we will never quote you unrealistically low fees to entice you and  then subsequently charge you at a later date when you are too vested to change your mind. Remember – if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

If you are looking for a Commercial Solicitor in Manchester or beyond, please contact our Commercial Conveyancing team on 0203 375 2187 to discuss how we may assist you. Alternatively, you can email us using the Contact Us page on our website.



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