Choosing a conveyancing solicitor in London

Choosing a conveyancing solicitor in London

Choosing a conveyancing solicitor in London Express Conveyancing

Choosing a conveyancing solicitor in London should be easy. With so much competition and expertise all in one place, how can it be so difficult to find a good conveyancing service? And how do you narrow it down to one firm who can offer a personal service, a good price and who knows the local property market?
This guide is a one stop shop to choosing a good conveyancing company in London. We cover how to compare fees and what kind of service standards to look out for. Everything you need to choose a good conveyancer is right here in this article.

1. Gather a shortlist

There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of licenced conveyancers in London. The booming housing market and proportion of large, complex transactions means there is a good deal of expertise and choice for anyone looking to buy in the capital. To get a shortlist of conveyancers together, you need to have a good idea of what you are looking for. The list of requirements for most buyers and sellers of property are:

  • Expertise
  • Speed
  • Low cost
  • No hidden fees
  • Personal service
  • No completion, no fee.

Few conveyancing solicitors in London offer all of these guarantees, but there are some that do. Those companies should be top of your shortlist. Getting recommendations from friends and family is also a great way to find a good conveyancing firm in London.

2. Ask for more information

At first, your short list is likely to be pretty long. After all, how can you narrow it down to just three? Contact each of the conveyancing solicitors on your shortlist with an initial enquiry and measure the response. Narrow your shortlist down to those who respond to your enquiry promptly, in a friendly and professional manner and who answer the question you have asked to your satisfaction.

3. Ask for a quote

If there was ever anything axiomatic about the conveyancing industry, it is that price is no guarantee of quality. Fees for conveyancing services vary wildly around the country and unusually, you don’t always pay more in London.

Ideally, you are looking for a conveyancer who is based in London. Someone with local knowledge can offer big advantages over ‘factory’ type online outfits. Unless you like living on the edge, a conveyancer who offers a fixed fee with no hidden charges is also a must. There are few things more depressing than a hefty bill for extras once the very expensive house buying and selling process is complete. Quotes that don’t offer the above two guarantees should be taken with caution. The may seem cheaper at first but as costs mount during the process, you may find you pay significantly less with the transparent, fixed fee firm than the ‘low headline rate’ firm.

4. Choose the most appropriate conveyancing solicitor for you

At this point you should have a few firm favourites after comparing costs. Next you need to compare service, and this is critical. If you have questions, you need to feel confident that you can talk to your conveyancing solicitor and that they are happy to answer any concerns you may have. You also need to know that they are experienced, know their property law and will know what to do if anything out of the ordinary arises during the transaction (which is more common than you might think). Finally, you want someone who prides themselves on a speedy service. Efficiency and speed aren’t often used as selling points amongst London conveyancing solicitors but lack of expediency is something that consistently frustrates property purchasers and sellers.

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