Drainage Water Search

Property Searches: Drainage and Water Search

Conveyancing Property Searches are checks carried out with a specific organisation or authority on a property and the local area to reveal important information about the property. Examples of property searches including Local Authority, drainage and water search, environmental, coal and, flood risk searches. In this...

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buildings insurance

Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance provides homeowners with peace of mind that in the event of catastrophic damage to their home from fire, flood, settlement or structural collapse and public liability, they receive financial recompense. Buildings insurance generally includes: • Somewhere to stay if your home is unfit to live...

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11 Tips On How To Be A Good Tenant

We often have clients complaining about their landlords and how unreasonably they behave. They tell us about how their landlords put in unreasonable charges, enforce the terms of their lease in unreasonable ways, and are generally unyielding and difficult. Often our clients are completely in the right...

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