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Landlords don’t always get a good press.landlord-checklist-express-conveyancing You only have to type the word “Rachman” into Google to see the number of complaints there are about landlords.  The word has become synonymous with high rents and low service, and they are not alone in this category.  Being as Express Conveyancing acts for hundreds of Landlords with their Conveyancing, we have decided to write about the topic on how to be a good landlord. There is an endless list of cases involving unscrupulous landlords who overcharge their tenants on the grounds that tenants are unlikely to do much about it. If you have 100 tenants, and you overcharge them all by £100, on their own it’s not worth their while arguing, but cumulatively the landlord is £1,000 better off.  Of course if the tenant refuses to pay, the landlord probably won’t chase them, but at some point the tenant might want a reference from the landlord and so might pay up. If it’s a long term lease, the tenant will want to sell, and won’t want the new owner to know that their landlord is difficult, and so are likely to pay up to ensure the smooth sale of the property. Landlords have a great deal of power, but with great power comes great responsibility.  Courts are willing to sanction landlords who do not honour their obligations. There are, of course, plenty of good, reliable, honourable and trustworthy landlords, some of whom probably feel that they are the ones that get the raw deal.

Are you considering selling, purchasing (or both) or remortgaging your property? Our team of expert Manchester based Conveyancing Solicitors regularly assist all forms of property Purchasers/purchases– from first time buyers and seasoned buy-to-let investors, to commercial conveyancing and leases. We offer a unique and premium conveyancing...

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