Buying Freehold

freehold maintenance obligations

Freehold Maintenance Obligations

When purchasing a freehold property, one would be forgiven for thinking that there will be no additional freehold maintenance obligations. Unless experienced it personal, the majority of people assumed that maintenance obligations and payments are linked to common parts of leasehold properties through service charge...

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estate rent charge

Estate Rent Charge and New Build Properties

With the government attempting to curb unscrupulous developers and freeholders charging exorbitant sums of money for leasehold service charges also known as an estate rent charge, it appears they have now turned their attention to the new-build freehold market. A silent revolution is going on which...

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Buying the freehold

Many individuals who lease a flat are not aware that they can buy the freehold from the landlord.  If the landlord is thinking of selling the property, he must first give the leaseholders the right of first refusal, or, if enough of the leaseholders want...

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How to Buy the Freehold of Your Home

Buying a freehold of your property also known as, leasehold enfranchisement has gained the attention of media over the years. Leaseholders can now easily make a claim due to recent changes in the law. In line with falling property prices, this is an ideal situation...

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Buying a Leasehold Property? Read On…

[caption id="attachment_123" align="alignleft" width="190"] Leasehold Property[/caption] It is a really interesting to listen to the various justifications people make when it comes to buying a leasehold property. To break it down, it is quite important to understand the difference between a Freehold and Leasehold Property is. Buying a...

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