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Fixed Fee Conveyancing with Express Conveyancing is as straightforward as paying what you are quoted, on completion of your transaction. Our conveyancing quote covers your legal conveyancing fees – the cost of your conveyancing solicitor working on your behalf. These fees apply whether you are seeking a sale, purchase, sale and purchase conveyancing or remortgage conveyancing. The quote you obtain will also include all* disbursements, which are costs payable to third parties to facilitate your purchase. These third party costs are common to whichever conveyancing solicitor you use. Disbursements can include locality searches and Land Registry registration fees. Your conveyancing solicitor will be happy to explain these costs to you. Our conveyancing service has been designed with one person in mind, you.

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Cheap conveyancing solicitors

We are affordable, CQS-qualified Solicitors and Conveyancers and represent clients on their property sale and purchase conveyancing. In addition to unbeatable cheap conveyancing fees, our exceptional standard of service is recommended by more than 90% of our clients.

No sale – no fee guarantee

With the Express Conveyancing ‘no move, no fee’ promise*, you will not pay any solicitor’s conveyancing fees if your property transaction does not go ahead. Our ‘no completion – no fee’ conveyancing is available for both sale conveyancing and purchase conveyancing.

Extremely fast and ‘Express’ completion

We work hard to ensure every client’s legal work is completed as soon as possible. However, if you need a particularly rapid completion date, for example, a less than 28 day auction completion, we can assist.

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What is Conveyancing?

If you are selling a property, your conveyancing solicitor will draft a sale contract and handle a series of legal enquiries made by the buyer’s solicitor.

If you are buying a property, your conveyancing solicitor will carry out a comprehensive check of the property’s title, the land upon which it sits and local and environmental issues. They make sure that the seller actually owns the property, that any mortgage is correctly administered and that the property is correctly registered with the Land Registry.

If the property is leasehold, further enquiries must be made about the lease itself, as well as any obligations you will have as the owner. These can include service charges, ground rent, repair obligations and responsibility for costs of upkeep and repair.

It doesn’t end there either, as your lawyer must consider a wide range of other factors unique to the property and its location.

Here are a few of the things your conveyancer will be dealing with while checking the title:

The impact of local development projects

All local authorities have development plans for their areas within their planning departments. Unfortunately, these are not included as part of the local search result, although reference is commonly made to their availability for inspection. It is therefore very important, once you receive your Property Report from your conveyancer, to inform them if you know about or suspect something that isn’t contained in the report, but could affect your purchase.

Conveyancing on new build properties is slightly different to standard property transactions. Your Express Conveyancing solicitor will be familiar with these and will make the appropriate checks. As a completion date can be decided long after exchange of contracts, your solicitor will be dealing with tying up the purchase correctly so that you meet your contractual obligations on time. Any cash incentives that are offered by the developer should be looked into by your Conveyancer.

Planning Permissions and Building Regulations Consents

If you believe that works have been carried out on the property you are buying that may have required local authority consents (such as an extension or other structural works), you should raise this with your solicitor as soon as possible.

Searches may reveal breaches of local authority consents, but they will not reveal whether works have been commissioned without formal consent. It is your responsibility to highlight any such works to your conveyancer. In addition to extensions, works could include, for example, the removal of structural walls or the conversion of a garage or loft space to create additional living accommodation.

Planning Permissions and Building Regulations consents may be supplied by the Seller. Where conditions have been imposed then please check from your own personal knowledge of the property that the Seller has met the conditions.

Missing Building Regulation Approval

Where there is no evidence that Building Regulation Approval has been obtained for works carried out by the seller, if they were completed more than four years ago then it is unlikely that the council would take any enforcement action. The only circumstances in which the council would take action is if the property is a threat to health and safety. A surveyor should usually recognise this, but your solicitor may advise obtaining indemnity insurance against the council taking any action. Not only will this give you the benefit of peace of mind, but it may also be required by your lender too.

Applying for a change of use

Your conveyancing solicitor will assume that the property is to be used for residential purposes unless you state otherwise. Do tell your solicitor if you intend to use the property for a different purpose, for example, as commercial premises, as you will need to apply for change of use planning permission.

If you are considering a change of use, you should consider whether or not this could adversely affect the value of the property. It may be prudent for you to check with the local planning department to see if a Change of Use application is likely to be approved.

The Land Registry

Title plans tend to be drawn to a small scale and do not show precise boundary features. You should always satisfy yourself from your own knowledge of a property that the plan accurately shows everything that you expect to be buying. Any discrepancies or questions should be raised directly with your conveyancing solicitor.

Plans may indicate that a property benefits from a right of way along a private access road. This is an attractive proposition to buyer seeking more privacy or peace and quiet. However, such rights are often subject to an obligation to contribute towards the upkeep of this road, precisely because they are private and therefore not maintained by the local council. In such cases, we recommend that buyers check the condition of the said road before they make a final commitment.

Think you have found the Best Conveyancing Quotes?

In property conveyancing, cost isn’t always an indicator of quality. When comparing conveyancing quotes, beware of falling into the trap of thinking that ‘expensive‘ is better. You can pay a lot and be left disappointed; you can pay a little and be amazed. Express Conveyancing can offer a great value, low-cost quality conveyancing service because our business is lean, our qualified staff are efficient and we make use of technologies that cut out wasted time. We also give comprehensive quotes with no hidden fees, so the price we say is the price you pay. Despite our top-notch service, we charge some of the most competitive fees in the industry!

The difference between Quotes vs Estimates

Many conveyancing companies don’t actually provide a fixed fee quote, they give estimates instead. Some advertise low upfront conveyancing costs, but when it comes to complete the sale and purchase conveyancing of your home, the final bill will be much higher than expected.

A common excuse for this practice is that the exact details of individual cases vary, and your solicitor might have to do additional work to make sure that the process is a success. Even if yours is one of the rare cases which do become more complex, most additional costs are entirely predictable. These are often expenses which arise during most conveyancing transactions, and which should be made clear upfront*.

Hidden fees can include:
  • Bank Transfer Fees
  • ID Fee
  • Bankruptcy Search Fee
  • SDLT (Stamp Duty Land Tax) Form Fee
  • And of course the ‘Admin’ fees

To take advantage of low conveyancing costs and our no completion no fee conveyancing guarantee, request a call-back form one of our advisors today. You will be amazed at how quickly we can take you from conveyancing direct to your new home.

*You may still be required to pay any disbursements that have accrued in the process and our fixed fee conveyancing quote assumes one standard transaction.

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